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The ONLY Data Cloud
For Research & Design

The MIMICUS Research & Design Data Cloud treats problem-solving data as your core asset, delivering advanced data-centric capabilities to automate the full life cycle of R&D data and IP assets. Our open, configurable, API-driven, and design-process-agnostic data cloud gives global manufacturing & design companies the freedom of choice to connect their existing heterogeneous design processes and best-of-breed data solutions, while re-platforming to the cloud.

Our Mission

To be the most trusted and valuable partner to the world’s scientific research & design community,

fueling innovation, facilitating collaboration, accelerating discovery, and delivering design evolution.

We are welcoming new MIMICUS Rangers
Love To Have You Join Us On This Mission!!

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Idea Hunters

We are fearless and resilient idea hunters. Observe phenomena and performances objectively and extract principles from complex soup of data. Our idea hunting target is not restricted in artifacts and technologies from human-beings but it targeting the nature's and other living organisms' as well. We keep hunting until we find a suitable solution for defined design problem.

Forest Scene

Unlimited PTO

Remote Work

Equity Program

Our Decisions Are Made

Fearlessness and Resilience

Transparency and Context

Trust and Collaboration
Equality of Opportunity

Alignment with Customers

Commitment to Craft

Open Jobs
For New MIMICUS Rangers

Job Openings in CA, USA

Job Openings in Daejeon, ROK

Open Jobs in US

Sales Development Representative

San Jose, CA, United States




Scientific Content Marketing Manager

San Jose, CA, United States




Digital Marketing Manager

San Jose, CA, United States



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