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Dive Into the New Age of Research & Design Innovation

Our Services

For Scientists MIMICUS Pro Data Cloud Platform

Search bio-derived materials and eco-friendly research & design ideas

Collaborative R&D platform working on 2B papers & patents data, 6M species,

6M natural compounds, and 750K product-function dictionary etc.

For Designers MIMICUS Basic Data Cloud Platform

Biomimicry design education platform. Search biological material or eco-friendly product development ideas.

Provides a thousand biomimetic design cases and background knowledge.

MIMICUS Expedition Education & Consultancy

Education program for design problem-solving.

The program includes the workshops working on Computational Biomimetic Design methodology designed for Juniors / Beginners / Practitioners.


Tactical solution research and development provider consisting of experts in the field of Bio-inspired Design, Biomimetics, A.I., Machine Learning, and Quantum Computing.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Data flow that keeps up with your research & design process. Development at enterprise-scale. An innovation feedback loop from the top global manufacturing and design companies. That’s the benefit of the MIMICUS Research & Design Data Cloud

For Designers and Students MIMICUS Public Library (Free Teaser Site)

Biomimicry design education platform especially for academia. Search bio-derived research & design ideas through various exploration scenarios. Free teaching materials for teachers are provided as well.

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