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Ideas on Demand
for faster & better Bio R&D

Improve and accelerate research and design ideation power

MIMICUS Bio Research & Design Data Cloud

Hub for Green Tech Research & Design

Enhance products & technologies
to fit EU ESG strategies and
UN Sustainable Development Guidelines
using nature's Green Ideas

Let Your Product Takes Your Business to Higher Grounds
in ESG Era

99.8% of Green Design Ideas from academia is still hidden and sleeping underground.

Expert engineers and designers are easy to stuck in their experience and it structures a stereotype. MIMICUS studied why researchers and designers have failed to break their stereotypes. And we found that superiority at analogical reasoning is the perfect way for avoiding.

That's why MIMICUS has trained Analogical Reasoning for AI.

Now MIMICUS AI serves Creative Green Design Ideas that you don't know.


Stop doing tedious classical scientific & design research. Now data-armed MIMICUS Data Cloud breaks human stereotype and help you to find better research & design solutions.

Versatility in Application

MIMICUS Data Cloud serves various idea exploration and convergence scenarios for users. It is fully customizable and compatible with any types of research & design process. This highly flexible Research & Design Data Cloud provides satisfactory experience for researchers and designers.

Data Science Accelerates

Validated and curated 2 Billions of research articles and patents enlarges your solution space for ideation. Our problem-solving cases (both human's and nature's) big-data accelerates to develop better solutions.

Full Customer Experience Service

The education program, MIMICUS Expedition, and consulting service help you to fully utilize the MIMICUS Pro service (the AI-driven Research & Design Data Cloud) at your project team. To increase agility of the service MIMICUS is always hearing customer's voice and do the right things.


Why MIMICUS started from
Data Cloud of Biomimicry?

Biomimicry is the primitive Human Creativity

Moreover, it gives tremendous ideas solving climate crisis

Biomimicry is the best
design storyteller for ESG Era

AI-driven Data Cloud
must be the great imitator of
Human Creativity

For 3.8 billion years, nature and its creatures continuously experienced evolution. The process of evolution was a process of how creatures could be adopted on their survival conditions. During adaptations, most living systems have maintained the best to increase their energy efficiency. That’s why nature is the perfect mirror to your product innovation to make survive your business and our Earth altogether. However, still, human-beings only have mimicked 0.2% of nature’s wisdom. MIMICUS has focused on the hidden 99.8% of nature’s wisdom to solve human artifacts’ problems and we shall bring a better future.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Scientific Knwl. Data


Biomaterial Data


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Are You Ready to Revive
Your Design Knowledge?

MIMICUS is Ready

You can immediately get insights using MIMICUS Pro (A.I.-driven Research & Design Data Cloud) by simply asking your design problems.

Download product descriptions

MIMICUS Data Overview Video

What do manufacturers and design organizations gain once all of their scientific research and design data is in a cooperative cloud platform? With the MIMICUS Data Platform and MIMICUS Research & Design Data, you reduce costs of building or maintaining brittle point-to-point integrations, shift scientist and data scientists' time from wrestling with data to higher-value and more productive work, launch innovations faster, improve and speed scientific outcomes, and capture more market opportunity.

Watch Videos

Watch videos highlighting the benefits and capabilities of the MIMICUS Research & Design Data Cloud

We mimic 7 Giants Who are inspiring us

Younghoon Shin_edited.png
Lionel March_edited.jpg
Ronald Fisher_edited.jpg
Charles Darwin_edited.jpg
Imanishi Kinji_edited.jpg
Allan Newell_edited.jpg
Alan Turing_edited.jpg

Younghoon Shin 申 榮勳

He taught us how to observe artifacts and natural phenomena.

Thanks to his guidelines we could construct the reasoning algorithms for design context of human beings. He was the great teacher in design evolution field especially who had focused on human life in historical context and the followed adaptations of artifacts.

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